Executive Coach • Senior Consultant • Motivational Speaker

Trina Ramsey is CEO of the Just Do You Institute for Women’s Empowerment LLC. She specializes in personal transformation, leadership development  and career transitions for women nonprofit leaders and those who are ready to step into their “next act”. 

Trina is a true people person who is passionate about helping leaders reach their highest potential, identify and pursue their dreams. Trina comes with over 30 years of experience in nonprofit management, including 5 years as a C-suite executive and over 15 years leading fundraising teams, helping to ensure that national, regional and local nonprofits are financially secure in order to fulfill their missions. Trina has built a track record of 14 years as an executive, career and life coach, supporting leaders in their own journeys and optimizing their work within their teams.  

As a coach and consultant, Trina offers deep expertise in working with women leaders and nonprofit executives, including strategic planning and execution, team building and troubleshooting, managing and training nonprofit boards and working with leaders to develop their full potential. She also has delivered fundraising training to boards and at conferences. Previous clients include Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC, Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians of the Caribbean Americas and Atlantic Region, National Network for Justice, Frazier Camara Consulting, and the Taifa Group.

Trina earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University and completed iPECs coaching certification program. Trina was also trained by IBM’s “Sales School” and Indiana University’s Fundraising School. 

Trina is also an internationally best-selling author and motivational speaker. She is gifted at leading and motivating people, helping leaders to embrace their true purpose, maximize their effectiveness in their current profession, while ensuring that they are living and leading with empathy, joy, and self-compassion. She also helps people explore pre-retirement or career transitions.

A divorced mom of two, Trina’s life is full and she loves it!



“I am an overcomer. I came from humble beginnings and had some tragedies in my life including losing my mom as a teen and having to grow up fast as the oldest of three girls. It made me strong and resilient. As I obtained my college degree and started in the work world I began to be focused on what makes me tick as an individual, and it has been a North Star for me throughout my career.


So I don’t personally adhere to a lot of rules about what I should be doing or not. I am comfortable in my own skin – and I am not afraid of change. This combination has enabled me to be proactive and take risks in managing my life and my career. I’m a divorced mother of two, so I know what it’s like to recover from a devastating experience, reinvent and build a beautiful life beyond divorce. Life happens, but we have the power to create more than we give ourselves credit for!”

“I learned to tune into what’s important to me in managing my career, navigating the job market using my own inner compass. I transitioned from corporate work to entrepreneurship, to nonprofit fundraising, to coaching. Life is too short to wonder ‘what if’! I bring the same approach to my clients – supporting them in making empowered choices about their lives and careers. Since I have experienced my own “redesign” leading to this new chapter in my life – I am very qualified to lead others through similar transitions.”