Together We are Stronger

I am

She who birthed nations

And then led them into battle.

I am the woman

Who corrects her children

With a stern hand

And then wipes the tears

When the world turns cold.


I am a tender lover

And a business leader

I am a teacher, a preacher

A songstress and a jewelry maker

I soothe and I heal

I hail and I cheer

I am strong

I am vibrant!


But sometimes

My strength is taken for imperviousness

My tenderness is seen as weakness.

And I need YOU to help me balance the scales.

Together we are stronger

Together we are united.

Together we are one.


Let’s walk…

Me and you…

You and me…

To the future that God has destined us for.


© TRamsey August 2015





“I break tradition, sometimes my tries, are outside the lines. We’ve been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I can’t live that way.”  Natasha Bedingfield


I took a quick walk this evening. I’m working on upping my game and get more exercise in.  I had a nice, upbeat station going on Pandora. Just as I was on the last leg of the walk, one of my favorite songs came on – “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield.  As a coach, I collect a repertoire of “coachy” songs – those with positive messages that encourage, uplift and motivate.  This one is definitely one of them. I included some of the lyrics below:

You can also view a video of the lyrics here… Enjoy! As you listen and read – think about your life, and what you are holding on to. What story are you telling yourself that is holding you back from your greatness? What fears are stopping you from taking action and claiming your greatness?

Check out video here

Recently I wrote about feeling a bit “put upon” by some pressures in my life. Well, I am coming out of that season, and ready to strap on my “kick ass” boots again.  Listening to this song tonight was like an exclamation point on a week of great positive interactions. I am grateful for that, and want to share this moment with you.

Today I want to encourage you to push past whatever is keeping you from believing in your future. You have UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES before you. Your future is UNWRITTEN!



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UNWRITTEN (excerpt)

I break tradition, sometimes my tries, are outside the lines
We’ve been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I can’t live that way

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find

Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins…

The rest is UNWRITTEN!


An Open Letter to My Fellow Achievement Addicts

IMG_0360 (1)
So here I am on a Saturday afternoon. It’s a rainy day in the DC area. I’m still in my jammies actually. Such a treat! I have nowhere to go today. So I’m catching up on some stuff and going to watch some movies.  Had a nice, healthy brunch instead of the junk food I’ve been eating lately (that’s what happens when stress creeps in).  And I’m re-examining some things. I’m taking a hard look at what’s going on in my life, and what the second half of 2015 will bring. And I feel led capture this moment and share it with you.

Here’s the deal. I have been hitting it HARD this year. Those who know me know that I go in two speeds: fast, and HYPER-mode.  I pride myself in my ability to ‘GET IT DONE’. Always have. It’s a HUGE part of my identity.  I work hard, play hard, and then go and work hard some more.  I have a full time job that I’m good at that takes a lot of energy. I launched this business 6 years ago (next month is my anniversary… wooo hoo!), and I am continually growing and doing more there. I’m a mom. My son and daughter are older now, so it gives me more time to focus on the things that give me joy (including my coaching practice and radio show). Some people are amazed. “How do you do it?” They ask. Here’s the short answer: the grace of God and passion. Others think I’m a lunatic, and that I push myself too hard. I have a few friends who give me a serious reality check from time to time, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity for ‘real talk’ and gentle prods to follow my own advice and keep myself on the radar screen.



So here’s what happened recently.  Something external has caused me to need to re-evaluate. I spent about a month trying to do what I normally do – call upon my “Superwoman Special Mojo” and just power through. But this is what I found. Low energy. Resentment. And ultimately a lack of the will or ability to focus on the business like I wanted to. I’m just too tired – and unfocussed. And because I haven’t been exercising, and eating all that junk food – guess what – five pounds showed up out of the clear blue! And I’ll be real. At first I was PISSED OFF. I mean – REALLY? I have big plans for this year – and now what? Uggh. Hmph. Pouting and foot stomping. Hands on hips. But after I got over m, y temper tantrum I decided to step back and reassess. Today was the first time that I had the opportunity to take a good look at what is on my plate – and start re-prioritizing. I barter coach time with a good friend and fellow coach – and this morning’s session was particularly helpful. Now I’m in a better position to scope out a REALISTIC PLAN for the rest of the year. Key word being REALISTIC. I can choose some things to do to keep my business visible, and continue to support and encourage people, while deciding to move some things off of my plate or postpone for a bit. And now I’m breathing better already!



I know that many of you are in the same boat. The mix of things that take your time might be different. Perhaps you sit on one or more nonprofit boards, or are active in your church community. Maybe you coach, lead boy or girl scouts, or have other family responsibilities – like grandchildren or aging parents that take time and energy.  It can be downright tiring at times. But the problem is this – sometimes we make it look too easy. And sometimes we are too good at selling to ourselves, and to others, the image of the competent go getter who “never lets ‘em see you sweat”. And then others think, “No problem – you can handle it! Of course you can!” Well – guess what? We are all only human.

Here’s the bottom line. No matter what – you’re only one person. Sometimes “life happens” and we need to adjust our game plan. It doesn’t make us a quitter. It is always good to recognize the ability to slow things down, shift gears, or say “no”. And no matter what – I encourage you to do whatever it takes to take time out for yourself – even if it’s just for an hour, or as in my case, a day off on a rainy afternoon.

Be well. Be good to yourself.

Until next time, Trina

©  June 2015


Take Time for Your Life

Monday, May 4, 2015

live simply

It’s a gorgeous sunny morning in Alexandria Virginia. It’s the last day of my vacation and I decided to go for a walk on this beautiful day. I am at the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria and it’s so great to see people taking advantage of a perfect spring day.

Because I am an ambassador of Life Coach radio networks #1Love1People #KindnessChallenge  I have been making it my business to be and say good morning and smile to people whatever I’m able to make eye contact. It’s just a nice way to brighten somebody’s day. Sometimes people are surprised that you spoke to them and they smile back. I also have been taking note of the people that are hanging out here. People with little children: a mom here, a dad there.  A pair of nannies with a group of children having a picnic in the grass. An older couple sitting on the bench by the water enjoying the view. One young lady is with an older woman in a wheelchair – maybe it’s her grandmother. That’s the story I decide upon – it makes me smile. They are also enjoying the view. There are runners, and walkers, and people just chilling.

It’s wonderful. And it’s just a reminder to me that it’s important to take time. It’s important to slow down and take care of yourself. It’s important to connect with the people in your life. And I mean really connect (without screens and cell phones). And today and I am so grateful to be able to be out in the midst of it.

So may this be a reminder to you. Are you busy running from thing to thing, and taking care of this and that, and tackling your to do list, and overloading your schedule? Slow down. Take time for your life. Today is a gift and tomorrow is not promised. So enjoy your life today and spend time with the people you love. Have a blessed day!

Much love!



 We all run from negative emotions, but they can provide just the wake up call we need…

are you fed up

Are you enjoying your life the way it is right now? Or is there a nagging feeling that “there’s got to be more than this”?  Today we will explore the two extremes of frustration verses contentment, and how each can help you get what you want out of life.


Are you happy with where you are in your life today? If you had to rate your life on a scale of one to ten, what number would you choose? What would you do differently? What do you want that you haven’t yet attained? What problems need to be addressed sooner rather than later?


Are you fed up yet?


Life is like a roller coaster, with highs and lows. But our perspective is what really matters. Is your glass half full or half empty?  And if you are really discontent with things, what are you going to do about it? No really… are you ready to put a stake in the ground and make a change ? Or will you let days and weeks pass without taking the steps necessary to get what you want out of life?


Sometimes we can be upset about things but not uncomfortable enough to change. When the pain of keeping things the same is greater than the work required to change things… or when we get FED UP, then we become motivated to do something different. But why wait until you’re miserable to improve things? Here is how you can use discontentment to your favor.



Choose contentment.


You can CHOOSE to be content with your life. It seems elusive, but it really is all about a shift in mindset. Paul found a way to be content and find value in his life, even from a prison cell.  Are things that bad for you? Probably not. We all have problems, but we all have blessings too. Here are two keys to choosing contentment:

  • Focus on the good. What’s good in your life? What makes you happy? Who are the people who make a big difference in your life? Count your blessings.  As we all know, things could be much worse.  If you haven’t done so before, consider keeping a gratitude journal.  Each day write down 3-5 things you are grateful for.
  •  Don’t be a victim. Victim mentality is debilitating.  If you identify with being a victim, you are choosing to give up your power.  Are you in a bad relationship? Choose today to either invest in making it better, or walk away. Some choices are harder than others. If you CHOOSE to stay, then you CHOOSE to accept responsibility for your happiness by doing whatever you can to make that relationship succeed.  If it’s already to late, don’t waste another moment of your life telling yourself the lie that you don’t have options, because I’m here to tell you from personal experience, YOU DO.


Choose yourself.


Then act on it. For example,  are you in a job that you hate? Do you daily go through a litany of what others are doing to make it miserable for you? This is a powerless perspective.  Are you doing everything in your power to make it a good experience? Or have you given up and don’t invest in doing your part? Maybe it’s just time to go. I believe that we spend too much time working to not have it be a good experience.  If you are not happy with your current job and are not actively taking steps to get another one, then you are choosing to remain unhappy. Inaction is a CHOICE not to take action.  Make a choice. Leave or stay. Only you know what’s best.


Finally – trust yourself. Sometimes deciding to seek contentment in a situation that is less than ideal can turn things around. Whatever your choice, own it, and shift your actions to follow suit.  Check in with yourself 30 days later. I’d love to hear how it goes!


So what’s new for you? What are you creating this year? I’d love to hear what’s going on – it’s fun to connect beyond these e-communications. On the other hand, if you are struggling with something – hit me up. As you know I offer a free session, and sometimes that’s all you need to reset and think about next steps.  Either way – please feel free to email me at

Your Future is Waiting – Answer the Call!

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” How many times have you heard (or used) this quote?

Well – it’s true. And we are sometimes too busy running on the hamster wheel of life to take time out to smell the roses, to spend time with loved ones, or take a proper vacation.

And we look up and 10 years have past. We look in the mirror and we are a bit older, maybe a bit pudgier, and we think “Where did this gray hair come from?”.  Life ticks by – minute-by-minute, day-by-day, and year-by-year.

Today my message is simple. You have something that you want to accomplish and you haven’t taken the first step. Why not? Are you afraid that you’ll fail? Are you worried about what “they” will think? Let me ask you – whose life is it anyway?

What is it that you want to do? What dream is inside of you that you haven’t yet realized? And WHEN will you decide to do something about it? Or will you let ANOTHER 10 YEARS pass before you act?  I’m just sayin’.

Tomorrow isn’t promised. I say it ALL THE TIME. If your life is completely on track and you’re doing what you want to do – GREAT! Keep doing what you’re doing! But if you want to make a change, and do something different – I submit to you that there is no time like the present.

Peace and blessings..


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