An Open Letter to My Fellow Achievement Addicts

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So here I am on a Saturday afternoon. It’s a rainy day in the DC area. I’m still in my jammies actually. Such a treat! I have nowhere to go today. So I’m catching up on some stuff and going to watch some movies.  Had a nice, healthy brunch instead of the junk food I’ve been eating lately (that’s what happens when stress creeps in).  And I’m re-examining some things. I’m taking a hard look at what’s going on in my life, and what the second half of 2015 will bring. And I feel led capture this moment and share it with you.

Here’s the deal. I have been hitting it HARD this year. Those who know me know that I go in two speeds: fast, and HYPER-mode.  I pride myself in my ability to ‘GET IT DONE’. Always have. It’s a HUGE part of my identity.  I work hard, play hard, and then go and work hard some more.  I have a full time job that I’m good at that takes a lot of energy. I launched this business 6 years ago (next month is my anniversary… wooo hoo!), and I am continually growing and doing more there. I’m a mom. My son and daughter are older now, so it gives me more time to focus on the things that give me joy (including my coaching practice and radio show). Some people are amazed. “How do you do it?” They ask. Here’s the short answer: the grace of God and passion. Others think I’m a lunatic, and that I push myself too hard. I have a few friends who give me a serious reality check from time to time, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity for ‘real talk’ and gentle prods to follow my own advice and keep myself on the radar screen.



So here’s what happened recently.  Something external has caused me to need to re-evaluate. I spent about a month trying to do what I normally do – call upon my “Superwoman Special Mojo” and just power through. But this is what I found. Low energy. Resentment. And ultimately a lack of the will or ability to focus on the business like I wanted to. I’m just too tired – and unfocussed. And because I haven’t been exercising, and eating all that junk food – guess what – five pounds showed up out of the clear blue! And I’ll be real. At first I was PISSED OFF. I mean – REALLY? I have big plans for this year – and now what? Uggh. Hmph. Pouting and foot stomping. Hands on hips. But after I got over m, y temper tantrum I decided to step back and reassess. Today was the first time that I had the opportunity to take a good look at what is on my plate – and start re-prioritizing. I barter coach time with a good friend and fellow coach – and this morning’s session was particularly helpful. Now I’m in a better position to scope out a REALISTIC PLAN for the rest of the year. Key word being REALISTIC. I can choose some things to do to keep my business visible, and continue to support and encourage people, while deciding to move some things off of my plate or postpone for a bit. And now I’m breathing better already!



I know that many of you are in the same boat. The mix of things that take your time might be different. Perhaps you sit on one or more nonprofit boards, or are active in your church community. Maybe you coach, lead boy or girl scouts, or have other family responsibilities – like grandchildren or aging parents that take time and energy.  It can be downright tiring at times. But the problem is this – sometimes we make it look too easy. And sometimes we are too good at selling to ourselves, and to others, the image of the competent go getter who “never lets ‘em see you sweat”. And then others think, “No problem – you can handle it! Of course you can!” Well – guess what? We are all only human.

Here’s the bottom line. No matter what – you’re only one person. Sometimes “life happens” and we need to adjust our game plan. It doesn’t make us a quitter. It is always good to recognize the ability to slow things down, shift gears, or say “no”. And no matter what – I encourage you to do whatever it takes to take time out for yourself – even if it’s just for an hour, or as in my case, a day off on a rainy afternoon.

Be well. Be good to yourself.

Until next time, Trina

©  June 2015